What Do You Think, Or Would You Rather Not?

 In a previous blog  I referred  to St Justin, one of he Fathers of the Church, and his teaching on Marriage and Chastity.   He was telling the pagans that celibacy was a way of life in the Catholic Church.   Children who did not marry grew up still celibate into old age for love of Jesus.   He also taught that marriage was for life and there was no divorce or second marriages.   The conclusion must surely be that this was how the Early Church surrounded by pagans and sexual perversion of all kinds attracted so many followers, weary of the world around them.    They lived according to the teachings of Jesus and in showing their obedience demonstrated their love for Him. Since the Secular Society of today has returned to paganism, am I really being stupid in wanting the Church to return to the ideals and teachings of Jesus to which the early Church was faithful.  Why ca our children not be taught that keeping chaste is to show love for Jesus and in showing their love Jesus will protect

The Future of Our Church

 When I began writing this blog, like many Catholics I was very reliant on a 'sola scriptura' approach to Christianity.   I did learn at school that the Church did not rely just on the Bible but something called 'Tradition', which distinguished it from the Protestant Churches.    It had something to do with the Early Church and what the early Church taught.   That is why when the modernists entered the Church attacking the Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and even the teachings of Christ on sin, most Catholics did not have the knowledge to stand against them.    If they said the Mass was a simple meal that Our Lord celebrated on Holy Thursday, we could not contradict since we knew nothing of Ignatius of Antioch or Pope Clement.    And when they started teaching our schoolchildren safe sex and involving them with the rest of the young people of this country in the sexual revolution, we knew little of the early Church and Hippolytus and St Justin.    We were igno

St Justin Martyr; Defender of Marriage and Chastity.

 About 100 years after the birth of Jesus a man was born in Samaria to the north of Jerusalem who was not a Christian but someone who called himself a philosopher or a seeker of truth.   He studied many manuscripts and travelled around until he was met by an old man who told him of Christianity and Jesus Christ.   Justin found the Christian sect and studied what they had to say and eventually became a Christian.   He began to write and was caught up in a pagan description of Christians who were described as atheists who indulged in incest and cannibalism.  Atheists was used by the pagans to describe anyone who did not worship their Gods, but incest and cannibalism - what was that about? It was said that Christians met at secret meetings where there was a 'love feast' between brothers and sisters, and where they consumed the flesh and blood of a man called Christus.   Justin felt compelled to answer this nonsense and began first to attack the pagan position.     He blasted the i

Hippolytus and the Apostolic Tradition

 Hippolytus lived in the late 2nd and early 3rd century in Rome.   While there he wrote the Apostolic Tradition, so perhaps traditionalists, or people calling the Church back to its core message was always part of the Church.    He wrote other works but the Apostolic Tradition gives us an insight into how ordinary Christians understood the Faith, and it is amazing just how much of the liturgy of the early Church is maintained today, and yet on the teachings of Christ just how unfaithful so many in the Church of today are as bishops, priests, and lay experts ignore sin, and have destroyed the lives of so many of our young, who grow up without faith and without hope, living unhappy and insecure lives. I am going to start with initiation of candidates into the Church.   The candidates were taught by lay catechists, who in their own lives lived as Christ had taught them and were people who could set an example.    Those Christians who brought them forward had to show that they were good pe

More About Covid on Surfaces

 When I spoke recently on the chances of catching the Covid virus from a surface I was wrong when I said that the Godman study was the only one.   Many studies recently have filled the pages of the Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal. some did work on catching it from a door handle which had been used many times, but another concentrated on the traffic light of a city where thousands would push the button every day.   The Science today that the chances vary from 1 in 10,000 to 5 in 10,000 is well established.    However when the virus broke out in February 2020, there were laboratory tests carried out on surfaces  Several found the virus lived for two or three days, and one carried out by the World Health Organisation quoted a figure of 5 days.   But medical people protested that these tests carried out in laboratories used samples that did not reflect real life, and those that were carried out in real life were soon accepted. Now for the tricky part.   If what I am saying is true, why

My First Blog - February 1914

 I came to the Portsmouth Diocese in 1979 when I was newly married and I raised a family here. Great things were happening in the Church at the time. The Charismatic Movement was very strong in my parish and I willingly participated, and I was carried along with what was called `The Spirit of Vatican II`. I was probably too immature at the time to distinguish between Vatican II and what was called the `Spirit of Vatican II` but a number of things began to happen that shocked, and like all those who discover the difference, I became angry. The first thing was when I went to a rehearsal of the Charismatic Choir. I thought it was meeting in the Church, but when I arrived I found the parish priest sitting on the altar on his own waiting for someone to arrive so that he could say Mass.    I remained so that Mass could be said, but I asked myself why this particular form of the Charismatic Movement thought their choir was more important than the Mass? I then began to take a serious look at w

A Blog from 14th February, 2014.

I have just discovered that this blog I started in 2018, has been joined to a blog I started such as long time ago.   I do not know why but I have been entertained by what I wrote.    It will take a long time to get back to the beginning of this first blog.   Here is one post.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The latest edition of the Portsmouth People has a very curious letter from someone who had attended a meeting somewhere and at the meeting had had a row with the speaker. Apparently he contradicted the speaker on matters of the Catholic Faith. The speaker was so annoyed for she was one who had had difficulties with some of the Church's teaching and was now happy that Vatican II had given her this 'New' Church where she could exercise `her conscience`.  So she has the Church she wa