My Last Blog

 This is last blog  I started writing many years ago when the church was being changed from within by false teaching and false shepherds.  The church is now changing for the better and there is now hope for the future of our young people since the vision of Christ has returned with the new faithful shepherds our bishop has appointed.   I will not be a hindrance as I could be if I carry on.    God bless our bishop and his priests.

News from the Bishops of England and Wales

 The Bishops of England and Wales met last week and made a decision on behalf of the Catholic people that as from Pentecost the faithful will return to the Sunday obligation of attending Mass, and that there would be no more relaying of the Mass over the Internet. This getting back to normal is to be welcomed, for every parish must be encouraged to grow so that it becomes the 'Light of Christ' to the world.  But bishops have been ignored in many parishes over the pandemic period, and many good Catholic priests have been unable to carry out their responsibilities to the bishop by people who just bullied and took control.    Will these people even mention the bishop as they stand again before the parish to tell them what they must do, often not from their own knowledge, but from their total ignorance of health matters.   It is the duty of every faithful catholic to protect their parish priest.

On the Enemy Within and their Hate of Mary

 As the battle for an ecumenical Church rather than a One Faith Catholic Church continues, let us turn again to the most detested figure by the extreme ecumenists - Mary the Mother of God. Again from the Early Church we have the description of Mary as the 'New Eve'.   I have covered this in earlier blogs for anyone who is interested in the Truth, rather than sharing self opinions based on prejudice.    The Church did not define Mary as the New Eve nor was there any discussions, like the 'flesh of Jesus' this was part of the Revelation of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  St Paul wrote that Jesus was the New Adam and since His flesh was the flesh of the New Eve, it was accepted that she 'who was conceived full of grace' as the Angel Gabriel witnessed, was the New Eve.   The Early Fathers described her as the Eve, who unlike the old Eve who fell from Grace after being tempted by Satan, remained faithful and sinless.    When therefore the doctrine of the Immaculate Co

Good Shepherd Sunday

Today is Good Shepherd Sunday.   The Gospel tells us of the occasion when Jesus told the disciples that he was the Good Shepherd who guided his sheep, and he knew his sheep and his sheep knew him.   It is a beautiful Gospel, and later Jesus was to say to Peter after his Resurrection "Feed my lambs" and "Feed my sheep".    Peter and his Apostles were to become the shepherds in his Church.  They were to show the love that he had for the sheep, and to guide them through the pastures of holiness. It takes a great deal of humility in these days where pride abounds, to see ourselves as sheep.   Indeed it is pride and self-seeking that leads many astray, yet even these the Good Shepherd still loves any leaves the ninety nine behind to seek the one that is lost.   He never stops loving us. Do not believe that the Church can survive without priests.   They are men who burden themselves with the care of others.   While the vocation of the laity is to raise a family and be par

Following THE Holy Spirit or an Unholy Spirit.

 Looking at the big picture probably when Christ announced the coming of the Holy Spirit to teach us all truth, then the Holy Spirit through the centuries has been a colossal failure.   Although in the Early Church they did have breakaway groups from the main Body of Churches in communion with Rome, the universal Church survived.  It is worth mentioning that the word Catholic came into being when Christian visitors came to a place they did not know, they would at first ask for the Christian Church but would often be directed to one of these heretical establishments.  This was overcome by using the word Catholic, in other words "I want the Church which is part of the large universal Church in communion with Rome".    But the serious 'failure', if I may be excused by the Holy Spirit, came with the Protestant Reformation, when taking Scripture put forward in 419 AD by the Catholic Church as the word of God to be read in Churches, they ignored the reason and authority of

A Change in Covid Personnel is Needed.

 I posted the last blog as an example of how heavy handed many priests can be, and perhaps how the 'thirst for power' can affect even the laity.   What did Jesus say "Unless you become as little children, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven".   Humility and 'truth of self' is at the very heart of the teaching of Christ.   No one in the Church should seek to be a leader or catechist, or even a priest, if this willingness to hear and discuss is not a part of their lives.   This is especially true of people who do not go to Confession, who do not kneel and adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, despise what they call 'childish devotions' such as the Rosary, and show by their speech that they have utter contempt for the Mother of God.   How easily they fell for the Post-Vatican II dishonesty which falsely claimed that these were actually part of Vatican II.    I have written about these things in previous blogs and how they were all part of the Earl

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