Monday, 19 August 2019

Confessiions of a Climate Change Denier, apparently no better than a Holocaust Denier

I am aged 81 and have been around then for some time.  I remember in Glasgow one summer in the 1940's there was a very warm summer and the tar on the pavements started to melt.   But it ended and next summer was a rainy one.  So because there is warm weather which is supposed to prove Climate Change I am not easily persuaded.    I remember a TV production about 6 maths ago where a ship was moored off one of the South Pacific low lying islands waiting it to be submerged by the sea as the Poles melted.   He had been there for 12 years.   This aroused my curiosity for I remembered that about 3 years ago the Antarctic Ice had expanded to level never recorded.  It was picked up when the Ice began to recede however to its former place and we were told the ice was melting at an alarming rate.   Everyone was of course telling me I was wrong, even the Pope.   So I always conceded that I could be and perhaps they just got one or two things wrong.   But I was talking about Climate Change  not so long ago and Carbon Dioxide was mentioned.    I then went back to my schoolboy science and the process of Photosynthesis.   Carbon Dioxide was not a pollutant and did not form  a Greenhouse gas, it was in the atmosphere just as oxygen is.

Yes,  suddenly on cue the media started talking about the plants absorbing carbon.   I was really interested.   Yes Carbon is absorbed by plants and the story went on that we should get rid of the cows in the fields and turn the fields over to agriculture.    And of course if we stopped eating meat we would not need cows.    I found this utterly pathetic.     However the BBC for about 5 seconds mentioned the Amazon Forests being destroyed and I was hopeful.   Would they actuality make a link?  Would they realise that if there was no plants to absorb carbon then there would be a shortage of Oxygen.  But then when you are caught up in saving mankind little facts fo not matter..   But no, it was dropped, we must get back to human beings being responsible.   The link between Carbon and Oxygen was put on a back burner.   I infuriated someone by calling this junk science, after all these Climate Change Scientists have given their lives to Science, and why has a former schoolboy who was not even good at science, taken it upon himself to dare criticise.    Well I like to see scientific predictions working out and if they are not working out as one cast as the equivalent of a holocaust denier I ask questions.    When All Gore first presented this in the House of Commons he said that the temperature would rise by 3 degrees by 1950 and we would all burn to death.   There was no rise in temperature but suddenly we were half way there, to patch up the flaw we were told that we must go back to the Industrial Revolution.    Now I do not know how temperatures were measured in the 1700's, especially jon a world basis, but nevertheless less these wee good men who had given their lives to science, so they must have had their way.    And did  you know that because of the non melting ice we now have too many polar bears.    But what is behind it all?

The answer was obvious to me - socialism.   I am not talking about the Labour Party of yesterday but the Labour and Socialist Party of today.   I used to listen to Fr Malachy Martin and his talk of socialist conspiracy, but I did not take him too seriously but I do now.    World Government is what socialists want which is why they do not want the UK out of the EU.   The bigger the Government then the easier it is to dictate to people what they should and should not do.   Then they can destroy capitalism and bring in their era of happiness where few people have rights but everyone has a duty to obey.   The sad thing is the Catholic Church is collaborating with the Socialist order.

Friday, 16 August 2019

I take no pride in posting this.

I take no pride in posting this.   I do so as a warning that the media will soon be attacking the Church again and more viciously than ever.   I am thankful however that the Bishops of England and Wales, however much I disagreed with them in many things, did not allow the Church to be corrupted like this

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Insulting Behaviour towards Our Lady

Whereas the betrayal of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament was achieved by openly attacking the reverence towards him  by means of liturgical changes, while protesting these actions had authority the betrayal of the place of Mary was quite straight forward - devotion  to her were simply dismissed.     When the fathers of Vatican II gathers they were unprepared at the beginning for the attacks on devotion to Mary which the dissenters had prepared well in advance.   A schema on Mary was dismissed as something that would put the 'ecumenical movement' back ten years.   This came from the German bishops and if indeed the ecumenical movement was to be brought back ten  years  this could only mean the Our Lady had already been dismissed during that time by the German bishops.   So what need for an ecumenical council.    The bishops did fight back and eventually in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church they inserted that Devotion to Mary should continue.   Very few people read this document, but I did, and it brought me into conflict with what the bishop at the time was spreading  in the diocese through 'experts'.   The ecumenical line was used to silence faithful Catholics and phrases such as "Do you think you are the only one going to heaven?"  "Those days are over".   "We have moved on"  were used to silence myself and anyone else who dared to oppose.

To be able to sit and pray with Protestants who believe their faith, requires above all respect for their right to believe.   It is  good for us to remember that they too are loved by God.   This is something I remember when Jehovah Witnesses call at my door, I may not find their way of following Jesus appealing, but God loves them and wants them to be saved as much as He wants me to be saved for he loves them as much as me.   Respect is the key word in all ecumenical endeavours.  I remember sitting in a Protestant Church at an ecumenical meeting listening to an audio tape which talked about the Protestant Martys and how they had died because of their belief  in scripture.   This is what they believed and I respected their right to believe this, although I may have had doubts as a Catholic I was there to share my love not my corrections.   That is I believe the true spirit of ecumenism.   Recently however in my town this 'respect' has gone.    It started three years ago when the 'walk of witness' on Good Friday was suddenly stopped.   It was said that this was triumphalist.  I do not know if this was a leadership decision or not, but certainly I and others who went to bear witness of Our Love of Jesus were not asked.    The claim that this was triumphalist is so judgemental that it is certainly not Christian.     Again I have a friend who at an ecumenical meeting recently mentioned that she when she was in difficulty prayed to Mary.   Three Protestant members told a Catholic later to tell the woman that she should not mention Mary at these meetings.   Far from being ecumenical it seems that movement is now deep into religious bigotry.   Ecumenism can never lead to unity but it should lead to understanding.    

Monday, 12 August 2019

Holy Communion, a Miracle of Love.

It is not enough to know that Jesus loves me.   If I am made for his love then surely I must feel his love.   "Come to me all you who labour and are heavy burdened and I will give you rest"   Beautiful words but Jesus I am striving to know you and understand you.  I am trying to do what the saints did and live as the saints did, but somehow I fail and achieve nothing.   I read the Bible, I say my prayers,  I give to the poor but I do not feel loved.   Where can I find your love sweet Jesus?

The above was once my prayer and then one day I found and felt Jesus loving me.    I had been a great defender of the Real Presence, I had shouted loudly at the betrayal of the Body of Christ, yes I was intellectually strong.   When I received the Body of Christ I had so many things to say to him, so many words I had stored in my heart.  Then one day I asked myself  "Is He listening?"   Then it struck me.  I had been talking to Him all my life but Holy Communion was the one time that He wanted to speak to me.   So I was silent and simply said "Love me Jesus"    Then my heart began to race as I felt him loving me.   He was saying "I died on the Cross because I loved you so much"

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Society and Sex.

The one thing that makes human beings different from the Animal World is that every human being has a need to be loved and feel loved.   God made us this way.  And when human beings feel unloved and unwanted they become up unstable and find substitutes in sex, drugs, self harming, and even suicide.   They begin to hate a world which apparently hates them.

It was to help us understand this that God made us male and female.    It was for this love in one another lives that marriage was instituted, in which a child would not just grow up feeling loved but experiencing the love between the father and the mother which teaches them what family love is about.   The caldron are safe, secure, and happy.

I was listening to a 'modern' psychologist on television.   The subject was two people who met ad married after knowing each other for just one week.   We could al disagree with this but the point she was making was that ti was too soon because they had to go through a 'lust period' before they reach a n amiable stage and are ready to marry.   Of course this was the done thin according to others.   In other words two young people meet in lust and settle down quickly to sex and it is only when the lust period is satisfactory that amiability comes about.  Aimability not love, that word is never mentioned..   It  was appalling but this is what the secular society is offering our young people.   We can of course now appreciate the relationships that break down outside of marriage, four out of five, and the mistake that was made when two people in the lust period still decided to get married and most end in divorce and broken children.   Sorry children must not be considered, they are tough and will get over it.    Then of course the lust period will bring abortions and a few adoptions, but broken relationships can also lead to children finding themselves in children homes, and it is a sobering thought that 70% of the victims who were being prostitutd in Rotherham came from children homes.   This is how a  society without God construct itself, after all  we are only animals.

Is this the kind of world God wants for us?

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

The Destruction of Belief in the Real Presence

A recent survey of United States Catholics found that 7 out of 10 of them did not believe in the Real Presence. I do not know what the figures are for the UK but I am sure there would be only a marginal difference.    Yet I am not surprised.   There was a vicious attack in America and the UK on the Real Presence by many bishops and priests after Vatican II, when Modernists had taken over many departments in the Vatican and were issuing instructions, not written of course they were far too clever for that, about what Vatican II had taught and certain changes the Council had brought about.   The attacks surrounded the love and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the first thing to go were the altar rails.   This was to stop people kneeling in adoration and receiving on the tongue.   As I say you will find nothing written about any of this for it was not discussed at the Council and indeed it was not even discussed with the laity - it was just done - in the name of Vatican II of course.   Now I am sure that in the early Church people did not receive on their knees, it was an act of humility for the wonderful gift the Blessed Sacrament, so kneeling or standing was not the issue, it was why the change was made that mattered    Wast it done to return us to the early Church or was it an attack on an act of love for the Blessed Sactament?   Again we were told to receive on the hand, of this I was not certain at first because in their hurry to convince people they quoted St Cyril of Jerusalem who having received in the hand stated that we should go on to touch our cheeks an our eyes with the host.  This part was left out and it would soon discovered that it was an Arian bishop who claimed St Cyril said this.   So a dispute raged - on the hand or on the tongue?   I eventually found an early Father St Cyprian who cleared up the matter.   "Those who receive the flesh of Jesus in sin" he said " add to their sin a sin of the hand and of the mouth"   This clearly meant that the community did receive with their hands.    But our Reformers did not stop there.   The next step was to remove the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle from the altar and put it somewhere else.   Sometimes it was in another room out of the way, or in a side place in the Church, or if you wished just place it on a safe in the wall, that will stop people genuflecting.    And it was not just that these instructions were not written but 'scholars' from Universities came into the Churches and told us Jesus did not want to be adored in the Blessed Sacrament, He just wants to be received at Mass.   A very strange doctrine indeed.   But they were introduced as 'experts'  so you were being advised to keep your mouth closed.

But along with this there was the education of the children.    My children were young and at school so the parents were invited to a Saturday morning session in the school where a wonderful new Catechism was being introduced.    I picked up that the "Catechism' would say nothing about the Sacrament of the Eucharist nor encourage the young to give any thought to the matter.   I mentioned that if this was the case then they would destroy the faith of the children.   Of course they did not listen and went on to destroy the faith of the children.    But then there was the Holy Communion programme in the Church.   I eagerly asked what teaching there would be on the Real Presence.  "O they are far too young to understand such concepts"  I restrained the urge to ask "And do you understand "

So there we had it.  Children growing up in a Catholic School and in a Catholic Parish taught to ignore their parents and just look upon the Host as a symbol of the Presence of Christ.    God forgive us all.