Tuesday, 12 December 2017

"Follow Me"

Last year I was visiting my son and we went to Mass in the local Church.   A visiting priest from another parish had been called in since the Parish Priest was on Holiday.   The visiting priest told the congregation that if they did not have more vocations then as the old priests died off there would be nobody to say Mass for them.  

I spoke to him afterwards and he told me there were only 3 young men training for the Priesthood.   Now this was a larger diocese than Portsmouth and that shocked me.  I told him that in Portsmouth at that time we had 11 young men being trained as priests.  And today another  young man from my parish has put himself forward and that brings the position of applicants to 15.  So what is the secret?

The first bouquet of praise must go to Bishop Egan.   He took over the diocese at a very difficult time and there wire many obstacles to overcome.   He had to juggle with those who opposed his views and yet say nothing the would cause them  anger.    Now that is a very difficult thing to do and in all my blogging I have never yet achieved it.    But he was very forceful in what he did nevertheless and did not hide from the difficult decisions whether they were  appointments in schools or putting forward Catholic Catechesis.   There is a realisation now dawning among Catholic teachers that they are losing so many young people.   This is good, but if they would only listen to the Bishop and introduce  the devotional practices he wants to see in schools they could turn the tide.   Devotions are about having a personal relationship with God, and our Mother and brothers and sisters in Heaven.   We get to know people personally not by reading their stories but by visiting them and you might say sitting down for a chat.   There is no better way of knowing Jesus than by kneeling before Him in the Blessed Sacrament or telling him our stories after Holy Communion.

We must never conform out morality to the morality of the world.   Jesus is the Way, the Truth,and the Life, so follow Him and do what He asks you to do.  Do not cling to the false sense of conscience that morality is purely subjective and God does not really care how sinful you are.   He does care and He cares because He loves you.    He wants you to succeed in life and not end up broken and lost.

These are the basics of the Catholic Faith which is being rediscovered in our Diocese.    Just pause for a moment and you will hear his voice  "Follow Me"  

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

FATIMA; The apparition of the Angel

A year before the children of Fatima were visited by Our Lady they had a two visits by an angel who taught them in the first vision to constantly say the prayer "O My Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of your mercy"

In the second vision he appeared with the host and the chalice to give the children Holy Communion. This was an extraordinary visit.   He left the host and the chalice suspended in mid air and knelt with the children teaching them this prayer "Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son,and Holy Spirit I adore you profoundly and I offer you the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges, and indifference by which He is offended.  And through the Infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of you the conversion of poor sinners".

Notice that he knelt with the children.   They were on their knees before the mighty God.   In humility they said a devotional prayer and they asked forgiveness for those who do not receive devoutly, and they prayed for the conversion of sinners, the sinners that Jesus established His Church to save.   If God sent an angel to remind us of just who He was and how we should approach Him, what can we say about that period in the Church when altar rails were smashed to stop people kneeling, when people were made, yes made to stand for Communion and then in an act of blasphemy the Blessed Sacrament was taken from the altar and put in a side place away from the people.   And I remember this period well.   My children were young and in Primary School and a new programme was introduced to the school they attended.   There was a SaturdayMorning get together with parents to show how wonderful this programme was going to be.   I remarked that it taught nothing about the Blessed Sacrament and this omission would cause the children to lose their faith.   Nonsense such as the children do not understand so what is the point of teaching them was the reply   The truth was that those who praised the programme were the ones who did not understand and the subsequent years demonstrated that what I said was correct and the children lost their faith.    Teaching children the real presence does not confuse them in any way whatsoever and as for understanding, they will never do in this life.

May I just mention that the smashing of altars, the demotion of the Blessed Sacrament, and the decision that we all had to stand, had absolutely nothing to do with the Fathers of Vatican II.   This came from the Freemasons who were running the Vatican and many other dioceses.    The removal of the Blssed Sacrament and 'the so called community approach' came from Freemasons who had by that time entrenched themselves in the Vatican and indeed in many Dioceses.   They used Ecumenism to attack Catholic beliefs such as the Motherhood of Mary and the relationship of Mary with Jesus.  Of this there is no doubt.   Fatima is abhorrent to them, Our Ladies abhorrent to them. and people adoring the One True God, is what they are changing.   Only by turning to the message of Fatima can we defeat them.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.

Through Advent we are often occupied with our own particular need for salvation.   We are concerned with how far we are from God and Advent becomes a time of increasing our Faith.  But the Prophet Isaiah in Sundays reading looks beyond his own self and looks at the world around him and is conscious of how sinful mankind has become.   He asks God why he has let the world sink into  such a sinful place.   Surely He must care?   And yet it seems he has abandoned us.

But Isaiah looks forward to the time when God will come to the help of the just and oppressed.
Today in our world we can cry out like Isaiah.  "Why,Lord, leave us  to stray from your ways, and harden our hearts against fearing you?"   In our families our children are leaving their religious practices, in the world our children know little about chastity living and drifting into sexual relationships and in doing so they learn to despise marriage.    And of those who marry many ignore your law and often ignoring the hurt to their children, they divorce and ignore your commandment.    And the sins of the parents are too many times passed on to  their children.   For its stand on marriage, abortion, and euthanasia your Church has become a laughing stock by the sinners of the secular society.

How long, how long, LORD  will you turn your face from us.    As in this season Mary gave birth to Jesus help us to give birth to a new person within us, a new Church that is marked by faithfulness, and a desire to become saints, for only in holiness can we deserve your love.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Abortion, Contraception, the Third World , and Climate Change

The Bishop of Portsmouth is to be congratulated  in speaking up for the Pro-Lifers who picket Abortion Clinics.   He should not be surprised however that he is not listened to by the Abortionist Industry and their supporters.   When Abortion was first introduced in Britain theca was to end Back Street Abortion although there had been a revolution in back street practice and only one deaths registered in the ten previous years.    But the Sex Revolution had begun and there was a need to use abortion when unprotected sex had taken place or whether contraception had failed.    It is hardt to understand that in Births Law Abortion is actually forbidden except in 5 circumstance, the last being in cases where 'the mental health of the woman would suffer'.    This of course opened the door to the idea that every woman's health suffered as a result of pregnancy and abortion on demand became the practice despite the law.  MILLIONS of babies have paid with their lives for the sexual revolution.  The Life groups believed that it was just a question of education and many women would turn away from Abortion but thee was a more diabolical group of people quickly using abortion for their political agenda.  The Population Control people.    It was they who started controlling the Climate Change Myth and using it to force contraception and abortions on third world countries.   The International Agreement these poor countries were forbidden to use their fossil fuels to free them from poverty since they entailed the release of carbon.   But help would be given to them to porgress if they accepted a programme of Abortion and Contraception, if they refused there wold be no help.  Recently Nigeria signed up to such a deal.   These people weave a web of deceit on the people by publishing statistics which do not come trua and vilify  others who dare to contradict them.    For example we are told not just that Carbon is the enemy but that it is a POLLUTANT.   They are certainly relying on the ignorance of the people on this one.   Carbon is necessary to sustain both animal  and vegetable life.   Indeed animal and vegetable life sustain each other.   Vegetation needs the carbon that animal life  breaths out and we need the oxygen that vegetation breaths out when it breaths in carbon.    The absence of carbon is not something beneficial then and should never be called  a Pollutant.

The other remarkable claim  is that it is humans who are causing Climate Change.     As those who mustn't be heard point out there is more carbon coming from the Oceans and perhaps this should be examined.    There was a remarkable worry last week when we were told that Carbon had reached its heighest levels.  They did not add 'since..........'  and again those who asked got no reply and indeed  the question "So What?" was ignored.   I suppose we must stick to the idea that  it is a pollutant.  

I find it remarkable that Nassa from its  Cameras in space show a remarkable increase in ice over the North and South Poles.   Yet the BBC in its scientific programmes such as Blue Planet still pour out propound about the terrible catastrophe of melting ice.   Perhaps I could ask the question which one is telling the truth?   The pictures from Nassa or the well paid and chosen scentists and the B|BC.

There is one thing I did pay attention to in the documentary Blue Planet.    There is miles down in the Atlantic a group of mountains called the Atlantic Ridge.   On the valley floor of these mountains I saw the earth open up and volcano fire being exposed.    Now the greatest source of carbon is volcanic eruption.  

So we all have Carbon Footprints we human beings.   And the poor of the world keep on having children and polluting the atmosphere.   Prince Philip once remarked that if he died and thee was Incarnation he would want to come back as a virus and kill off much of the population.   Again he would be talking about the Third World.  

So heed go again thinking for myself rather than listening to the scientists and experts.   I am sure I will be arested.   Despite the efforts of many the Catholic Church to make Climate Dening a Sinful act, and probably he only sin they will acknowledge, I will not confess to the priest in my next Confession that I dared to write this  article.   Abortion and Contraception destroy lives and especially family lives. The last great battle SrLucy of Fatima told us would be over the family.   There are those who want to destroy familyl life and give themselves some kind of accolade for doing so.   And they live within the Church.       Our Lady pray for us.  

Monday, 13 November 2017


'Who is she that comes forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array'.

The above quote will be familiar to only a few Catholics today,   It was once on the lips of members of the Legion of Mary which was present in many parishes.    Fair as the moon and bright as the sun certainly describes Our Lady of Fatima but who exactly is meant by 'terrible as an army set in battle array?'   Certainly Our Lady appeared to ask us to pray for the conversion of sinners many of who were going to Hell for their sins as forewarned by her Son Jesus when he preachedHis Gospel.  Often we are trying and feel we are succeeding in living good lives when suddenly everything goes wrong  Like St Paul we often do the things we do not want to do rather than those that we want to do.   It is because we are involved in a war between Good and Evil and we are the children of Mary that the red Dragon wishes to devour in Revelations 12    We are involved in a battle between Good and Evil
not only from a personal point of view but a battle to build the Kingdom that Jesus asked us to build and to bring a climate of morality into that world, a morality which Jesus Himself taught his disciples and to spread throughout the world.   If we have a Church that is indifferent to the moral welfare of the State than that Church is not the Church of Jesus Christ.   If we have a Church which does not promote chastity over sexual freedom, the indissolubility of Marriage against Divorce, the killing  of innocent human lives in Abortion, which stands back and does not preach the word of Jesus as society collapses and the victims are the unborn,  an society endemic with single mothers , the break down of divorce, the suffering of young people resulting from this and the poverty it inflicts on one parent families, if the Church is not concerned then that Church is not the Church of Jesus Christ.

But what you might ask is the point of praying the Rosary and doing penance.    No, it is not what the world will see, and many in the Church as a 'mature answer' but it is an expression of love as all devotions are, an indication to God that we care and the more people who care enough to say the Rosary the more the hurt of God will be softened.  "Do not keep offending God, who is already too much offended" said Our Lady of Fatima.  

And thee is the question of Grace.   God wants us all to care for one another and he wants us also to care for those 'in most need of His mercy"   If we ask through the Rosary then He will listen and realise that many of the children He loves really love others in he way he wants them to love.
So why the Rosary represents is a weapon of love we can use to drive Satan and other evil spirits, again spoken of by Jesus, from this world into the fire which was prepared for Satan and His Angels. The Rosary is a weapon of battle.    Again I would caution many not to presume there is no evil  spirits.  We know nothing about Heaven and Hell.  So we should not contradict  Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Second Fatima Evening

The Second Fatima Evening will take place at St Josephs, St Michaels Rd, Basingstoke, on Wednesday, 15th November at 7.30pm.   The idea behind this monthly event is to spread devotion to Mary and say the Rosary as she requested at Fatima.   Fatima is either a genuine apparition or a fake. If it was genuine then surely we should show our love by listening to her.    We want to start again the Family Rosary and find ways of involving children by saying the Rosary in a way that children will enjoy.   Hope to see you there.