Sunday, 21 May 2017


The trouble with the false Christ of the Modern Church is that he has very little in common  with the Christ of Scripture.   The Christ of Scripture preaches against sin, the Modernist Christ does not.  The  Christ of Scripture told us to be 'perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect' but the Modernist Christ tells us that sin does not really matter and we should not take it too seriously.   It is Love the Modernist say that matters, failing to hear the words of Jesus 'If you love me keep my Commandments', indeed the Commandments are just RULES we can dispense with.   They still ask though why the Church is getting smaller.

At Fatima Our Lady foresaw this crisis in the Church and she pointed out  that many souls are being lost to Hell.   In saying this she was only saying what her Son Jesus taught, bur in our Modern comfortable Church no matter how many great miracles God works to demonstrate the truth of his mother's message they find it impossible to change what can only be called their prejudice and perhaps their easier life.   They are not so much concerned with the saving of souls as having a large happy congregation run their way and with no contentious issues dividing the congregation, which means of courts that those who would propose the unchanging truths of the Gospel are the divisive ones.   There was a rather foolish attempt to say that actually when he used the words Hell in the Jewish language he meant the 'rubbish dump'.   But does it matter whether we spend eternity in a fire or a rubbish dump.  Neither of course is the real image of Hell for Hell is being in a place where we have lost the friendship of God for all eternity.   But if God is good we may cry He would not do that.  But Jesus says that he does and although I do not understand nor am able to explain if He said it then I believe it.   Yet despite the existence of Hell I know this - that I will end  up there because I am trying to follow Jesus and I am trying not to sin, and I have not turned by back on Him.   God knows it is difficult to be perfect, but he wants us all to keep trying and He gave His Church, yes His Church,not ours, and all the graces we find in the Sacraments especially the Sacrament of Confession,   And He gave us His Body in the Blessed Sacrament which IF RECEIVED WORTHILY will make us a Holy People.   It requires effort on our part though and none of us are saints.

But what about those outside the Catholic Church?   Are they all bound for Hell?.   As soon as you mention the special privileges that Catholics have this is the usual retort of modernists.    Again at Fatima Our Blessed Mother covered this.   By the Sacrifice of Jesus continued in the Church graces are poured out of the church which are spread by the Holy Spirit where he will.  But most important added to that Sacrifice is our own prayers and sacrifices for the conversion of all sinners.   Our Lady of Fatima made no distinction or race or creed.   She told the children that we must make acts of reparation every day for the sins which are offending God.   Yes, OFFENDING  GOD, who loves us so much and love is a feeling not an intellectual decision.

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of your mercy.  


Monday, 15 May 2017

St Francisco of Fatima.

The little boy between his cousin Lucia on the left and his little sister Jacinta on the right is Francesco, whom we may now call St Francisco of Fatima.

Yes Francisco saw Our Lady at Fatima but he did not hear her speak and had to rely on his cousin and sister afterwards to tell him what Our Lady said.   While Jacinta decided to pray for the conversion of sinners, Francesco thought deeply about the words of Our Lady that God is already too much offended by sins and his apostolate was to spend hours in prayer often before the Blessed Sacrament making reparation to God and the hearts of Jesus and Mary for the sadness that sin was causing in them.  He too died of the terrible flu epidemic after the First World War,.   But there is so much we can learn for Francisco.

That God is feeling offended so much is a demonstration of just how deeply He loves us.   He created us and only wanted us to serve him, yet look at the violence and the hateful place we have made of the world.   Like Francisco we should be constantly praying before the Blessed Sacrament that the God and the hearts of Jesus and Mary will one day have no cause to be unhappy with the world.   There are those who interpret Fatima as meaning that it is Mary herself who is staying the hand of God who is moved to punish us.   I have two things to say.  If anyone could stop the punishment of God it would be Mary.  Mary is the bridge between God the Father and God the Son becoming man.   Redemption was only possible through her act of humility in bearing Jesus, and as an ordinary mortal herself she is tied to the human race and pleads for the human race before the Father who is in a way thankful to her..  So, yes, she could hold back the punishment of God.   The second question is whether God would want to punish the world, and I mean those unrepentant sinners who destroy the bodies and souls of others.  And those who sin because they have never heard of God and lose their souls because they have never heard of God.   The first group does not listen to God and have no pity for those He created so if the message of God is indeed that they go to Hell, and Jesus himself has told us that Hell exists and there are souls suffering there, then how can God grant mercy to those who are evil.   We cannot use the world Mercy in circumstances where there can be none.   God may well punish those who are destroying others and it would be just that He did so.   But the message of Fatima is not about such as these, it is about those who go to Hell because they have no one to show them the light of Faith, they have no one to pray for them..   By our sacrifices and prayers Our Lady asked us to pray for them so that they would indeed find the mercy of God.  That is the simple message of Fatima.   The sins of so many are offending God and so many are going to Hell that we cannot just shrug our shoulders and say it is not our business.   Yes, true Mercy is our business and so we must do as Our Lady asks and save the souls of those who would oherwise be lost.  If a Church is not fighiting sin it is following another Christ.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Why Jacinta is now a Saint

Little seven year old Jacinta Marto, when the apparitions of Fatima happened, did not grow up like other girls of her age.  Her life was to be a short one.  She would die at the age of 9 years from a flu' epidemic the would rage through Europe after the First World War.  Her brother who was a year older and deserves his own story died also of this cruel ailment at the age of 10 years.

Despite her life being so short Heaven had a plan for her that would make her name remembered forever.  Our Mother Mary chose her to tell us all that we must not offend God by our sins, and that our God was greatly offended by them.   She asked her to offer the Rosary every day for peace in the world for if we did not turn from sins to prayer and goodness when the First World War ended there would be a greater War and men would go on killing and fighting and hating.   This was not what God wanted for us, the people He loved so much that he sent his Son to die for us.   Jacinta saw a representation of Hell and the many souls who go there.  Mary asked her to pray and do sacrifices for those souls who would also go to Hell unless someone was there to pray for them and ask reparation for their sins.  Jacinta was horrified with what she saw and spent the rest of her short life making sacrifices and praying the Rosary to try and spread the Grace of knowledge and forgiveness into the world, so that many would turn to God and avoid Hell.

Hell is not a popular subject among Christians today.   We prefer to think of a God of Mercy and perhaps our idea of God and Mercy turns us against any such thought that a kind and loving God would contemplate the existence of Hell.   It is certainly a difficult subject to contemplate but we  must then turn to Jesus for the answer.   Yes, Jesus.  He spoke of Hell often.  He told the story of Lazarus whom the rich man neglected  and when they both died Lazarus was in heaven in the bosom of Abraham and the rich man was in Hell and there was as Jesus related a chasm between them which could not ben crossed.  Jesus talked about separating the sheep form the goats.   "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the Devil and his Angels"   Yes, Jesus believed in Hell and he believed in Lucifer and the angels who had been sent there.   So as a Christian I must stand beside Jesus and show my love.  "If you love me, keep my Commandments".  The words of Jesus never changes and we must resist those who would have us believe otherwise.  Our salvation is important, the salvation of others is important, the love of God being brought to the world is important.  Every Catholic should be saying the Rosary and sacrificing for the sins of others.  Jesus had great hopes for his Church.  How disappointed he must be.    

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Great Sign

And a great sign appeared in heaven a woman clothed in the sun...............Revelatiions 12

When the Lady of Fatima appeared to the children at Fatima she wore a dazzling white dress and veil.     She was indeed as bright as the sun.    When we read Revelations 12 we see that Mary was a Great Sign.  A Great Sign is something for others to point to at some period of time, but in Revelations there are two time frames presented to us, the birth of Jesus to Mary and in failing to destroy the chid the Red Dragon goes off to destroy her other children.  This is the time now when we her children are being attacked by the Red Dragon and he is not interested in destroying our bodies but in destroying  our souls.   Perhaps then the Great Sign in Heaven refers to Our Lady appearing at Fatima.   At Fatima our Mother has come to help us in the battle against sin and to ask us to pray for our other brothers and sisters, especially those without someone to pray for them and whose souls can be lost for this reason.

Yet so many are indifferent to the message of Fatima.   Today many believe in some kind of political Christianity where all that is needed to show our love is to give to the poor.   In this age of relative affluence compared to the past it is easy to give to the poor but it is why we give to then poor that is important.   Is it because we have a feeling of being good when we do so.   Is it because we can be admired by other Churches, (See our community gives more than yours), is it because on the other hand there is a natural goodness in our  nature which causes us to give, especially when great disasters or famines occur, this is indeed commendable, and indeed many people give their whole lives to charities and will be judged well by God, but many of these would deny they are Christians.   You see Christians are supposed to be different, they do not just give to the poor for giving to the poor is one of their ways of building the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of Love here on earth.   And that Kingdom of love goes beyond feeding the bodies of the poor but demands the feeding their souls.  And not just of the poor but of everyone, every soul in the world for the Kingdom of love excludes no one.   But every Kingdom has its rules in order to survive.    In the Kingdom of God we must turn to Jesus in Scripture to find out what those rules are that will sustain His Kingdom.   A rich young man asked Jesus one time "What must I do to earn eternal life?"   Jesus replied "You know the Commnandmensts, thous shalt not steal, honour your father and your mother, do not commit adultery........."   The young man replied that he had kept these commandments from his youth, so Jesus said  "Then give up everything and follow me"   When sermons in this Gospel are given in many Churches many of them become rather fuzzy.   The first part is ignored in favour of a sermon that we must give to the poor.  But what Jesus was asking the young man to do was to leave his life behind and become one of his disciples, as indeed he had asked Peter and Andrew and the other followers.   There is a rebellion against mentioning sin in any way or preaching what Christ said on sin.  But the Kingdom of God has it rules and the commandments are essential in the building of that Kingdom.   Giving to the poorwill not get you to heaven if you are a sinful man.    When people rebel against a Kingdom;s rules then the Kingdom is destroyed.

So what we have today is a world full of violence and evil because in many parts of the Church there is no counterbalance of goodness.   Men sin and excuse themselves in sin, and many souls are going to that Hell that Jesus of Scripture spoke about again and again.   They contribute to the evil around them.   The world will never know Peace while this continues and the Great Sign of Fatima is Our Lady desperate to save her children.  Telling us that our Faith is not just about being good and nice, but committing ourselves to the salvation of our neighbours by prayers, amending our lives and making reparation for the sins of others.   Reparation is about, and I will dare to say it, DEVOTION.   An intellectual appreciation of Faith is not enough, we must bring back the devotions of the heart that makes us love the Church.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Barbara Winsor Story.

 Iwatched the Barbara Windsor story on BBC last night. I was expecting like many others to watch her rise to fame, how adored she was by everyone, and how she was so happy to have been such a success. Instead like millions of others I ws given the real story of a little girl who grew up with a broken heart. She was an only child to parents who were always rowing and when the mother pressed for a divorce little Barbara had to tell answer questions in a court about how her father treated her mother. She was just a child but spoke truthfully about her father's abuse in yes and no answers which she did not wasn't to give. Her father whom she adored then left her and she never saw him again until much later in life and even then he was stolen from her by a new wife who refused to allow her near him. The story centred round scenes in her life with the ghost of her father beside her in many parts. The honesty of BAbs was unbelievable as she recounted many affairs and once she was seen weeping, for she had had an abortion. The Father said to her "What a mess you made" and her calling reply was "But you were not there to help me" Why did Barbara make such an honest deplictrion of her life? I suppose she saw as many of us see while others turn away that there are too many young people now who suffer just like she did. IN a society with a casual approach to sex and marriage so many young people are suffering in their lives from being rejected by that someone who should be loving them. Yes, many can make in the eyes of the world a success in going to University, or being an actor like Barbara, but deep down inside they are so unhappy. I do not suppose the media will understand what Barbara was saying but there are many Childrens' Charities who will. Thank you Babe for having the guts to show the real you, I hope your story will help our society look a little more closely at those little ones "who 'get over it'.

Saturday, 6 May 2017


THESE ARE THE CHILDREN OF FATIMA, FRANCISCO AND HIS LITTLE SISTER JACINTA. At Lourdes Our Mother had appeared and asked through Bernadette for the world to pray for the Catholic World to pray for the Conversion of sinners but only a few were interested. So sin and hate flourished until there was a mighty war with weapons of what we call now 'weapons of mass destruction' More and more the world turned from God and in Russia a new ideology appeared which denied the very existence of God and based morality on what was good for self rather than what was good for humankind. This immoral teaching swept over the world destroying love and replacing it with a philosophy of the strong over the weak. Thus we had thousands of people being killed for the greater good. We had babies being aborted for the greater good, We had believers . being martyred for the greater good The love of a man and a woman being given to their children, the family unit of civilisation, was also destroyed as sexual exploitation and indeed marriages based on sexual attraction with little love became almost the norm in Western Culture bringing with it Divorce and heartache for those involved , especially the children.  
Our Lady pointed out to the children that that lack of love had led to the4 first World War that was not raging and unless we turned back to God and his Kingdom of Love a greater war would come after this one. But more than anything else man had to fear was that they would lose God by their sins for all eternity. No let me put this right - it was not God who was punishing man but man who was punished himself. Mary begfgfed the children to do penance and pray the Rosary every day. These little shepherds Jacinta and Francisco did so doing without food and even water and saying Roasaries all day and begging others to do the same. Next Saturday these two little ones, a little boy who died at nine years, and a little girl who did at ten are to be made saints in Fatima by Pope Francis. Next Saturday is the 13th May, when Mary came from Heaven to beg them to pray the Rosary and do Penance. And on the 13th October she worked the great miracle of the Sun which over 70,000 people witnessed and could not deny, even those who had come to scoff. Yet where is the Catholic Church today? Where are the children who should be praying the Rosary? And how many children even know about Fatima since they are taught so little about the love of Mary. Please, please if you are a parent ask Mary to help you say the rosary with your children. One decade every evening, just one decade, Monday to Friday could see you say the Joyful Mysteries in one week. and the other mysteries in succeeding weeks. It will not tire the children or cause resentment but it may lead them to want to say all the mysteries on one evening. Who knows. Mary is offering us so much grace at this moment. But do not forget to ask them to pray for the conversion of sinners and a world based on the love of God, and the Kingdom of God.