Tuesday, 20 March 2018

My Mother Mary

I am Marian.   I believe the intercession of Mary with her Son Jesus is something very special in the Catholic Church.  I believed that when I was taught as a child and I believe this with a great more understanding as an adult.    I am not just being nostalgic for a bygone era, it is part of my Catholic :Faith.   I have witnessed what has happened to the Church in this country since the educationalists, the experts, the psychologists, the bishops and priests who put popularity with the people before popularity with God, and yes, even those who came into the Church to make it secular and unchristian, I have witnessed the results of their labour and my witnessing has made me ashamed..

Whatever happened to the Pearl of Great Price, or the Treasure in the Field that Jesus spoke of and which men would give everything to possess?   They seem to have found their way to the Rubbish Dump.    O yes the Church still calls us to charity and charitable works for our neighbour but somehow even in this we are no better than other religions or even the secular state.

The greatest failure is that the Church failed to preserve what Jesus asked the Church most to preserve - loving families.   Families should be the bricks which build the great edifice of the Church, for it is in the family that children should learn to love and be loved and grow up knowing they are children of God the Father and Mary is their Mother and Jesus is their brother in the spiritual realm.   That is why Jesus once said "Call no one Father for you have only one Father and He is in Heaven".   All families are subsidiary to the One great family of God.    But remember this that you cannot have a family without a Mother.

But what is so special about Mary?    God the Father had to choose someone special to be an earthly mother to his Son.   Could He entrust him to a sinner?    Could He make a sinner feel guilty for having such a Holy Son.?     Could He find someone with whom His son could share his sufferings even to the Cross.   It had to be a very unusual woman indeed.   But God made her special.  He removed the stain of Original Sin from her and from the moment of her Conception she was full of Grace..   Original Sin is not an actual sin, it is a weakness in our nature which attracts us to sin.   But Mary was conceived Immaculate, full of Grace and this meant she had a relationship with God that made her a saint even at her conception.   She was drawn to God from the moment of her existence.    But this special privilege gave her something else - humility.    She was a humble young girl and always thankful to God and when she was told she was to be God's Mother she cried out "My soul doth magnify the Lord and my Spirit has rejoiced in God my Saviour, for He that is mighty has done great things......HE HAS PUT DOWN THE MIGHTY FROM THEIR SEAT AND EXALTED THE HUMBLE".     At Lourdes when she finally told Bernadette who she was she descended to stand with the crowd, identifying with them, and raising her hands to heaven in acknowledgment of what God had done for her, she said "I am the Immaculate Conception"

This then is our Mother Mary and what Son does not honour his Mother above all?    She is our advocate with Jesus, and she is rightly called the Co-Redeemer, not that any of her acts could redeem man from sin, but in the way that Redemption was worked by the Father without her co-operation the Word could Never have Become Flesh.     A priest once in criticising the devotion to Mary said "She is just a woman" to which I replied in my heart "Yes, isn't it wonderful,  God did so much for her so I am sure He can also do so much for me.  I will ask Mary to ask Jesus to help me"

Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Question of Abortion.

Your words grieve me as a pro-life advocate, because it is impossible for pro-life citizens to counter the attacks of secular powers against human life if Catholic Church leaders give those in power the green light to “make difficult decisions on our behalf”, even when those decisions involved the destruction of innocent human life. I was born and raised in Estonia, where widespread abortion forms a part of the Communist legacy. Now living in the UK, it is deeply saddening to find leaders here, including faith leaders, freely accepting the ideas that have led to the killing of more unborn children in my home country than there are people living today. It is the attitude displayed in your letter which has allowed abortion to continue for 50 years in Britain. If our faith leaders fail to take an unequivocal stand in defence of the unborn and their families, how can we convince anyone else to take abortion seriously? 
Perhaps your comments were made in the context of the recent Abort 67 campaign, in which graphic images of abortion were displayed. If so, you may have wished to apologise for the use of such methods within the pro-life movement, because you were concerned that it might detract from the Church’s witness to the reality of abortion. Graphic images of abortion are very disturbing and make us wish to distance ourselves from what we see. However, one must also ask what the real problem is: Showing the pictures or what those pictures show?

The above was an extract from a letter by a woman in the Isle of Manto a PRIEST who was supporting an abortion Bill there which would lead to abortion until birth.     It is again the question of leadership that she rightly focuses on.     If the leaders of the Catholic Church do nothing why should the state listen to Catholics?   In Ireland the clergy are very much under scrutiny as to whether they are for Christ or against Him.     Catholics have almost all the media against them, almost all politicians against them, do they also have to endure the fact that they also have all of the clergy against them?   Perhaps this is the price we the laity will have to pay for allowing the clergy to destroy devotion to Mary, the mother of all these aborted children.  For children of God they most certainly are.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Blindness to Mary.

I am always amazed when in the Gospel Readings the Pharisees complain about Jesus healing on the Sabbath.  Their minds are so set on their own rules and philosophies that they actually dismiss the miracles because they do not concur with their intellectual positions.

Now that is often the case with intellectual people  Their pride in their learning often leads them to a narrow thinking that stops them seeing the obvious.    Ordinary people with minds accustomed to the everyday things find no difficulty in accepting miracles.     Perhaps that is why Jesus did not look for the educated to be his first disciples but ordinary fishermen.    Now take the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima and the rejection of Devotion to Mary in the seventies.     That the Miracle happened is beyond dispute, that she called for Catholics to say the Rosary cannot be questioned, and yet because of an intellectual alignment with a New Church of Ecumenism devotion to  Mary was stopped in Catholic Schools and Colleges and discouraged in many parishes.    Their pride in the sense of being onto a New Way of Catholicism made them dismiss the obvious, that the approach alienated young Catholics.    

Perhaps we will recover as a Church from this catastrophe but Mary cannot be dismissed and will not be dismissed.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


A young man of 23 who is to attend the Vatican Youth Synod has asked a question which I have been asking for 40 years.  Why are young people leaving the Church in droves?   Of course,like myself he will get next to no replies because it is a question the Church in the UK does not like to be asked, so it pretends the question need not be answered.   Perhaps there may be a slight nod of the head "Ah, yes, it is the terrible society we live in"   "Well you see, marriage and morals have broken down in society and we cannot really reach the young"

The above answers are of course  said nicely but it is usually from priests and bishops who are trying to escape their responsibility.    Here is the answer they should give.   Well the Church does not want to teach a morality that young people would be in conflict with, so we do not want to lose them by giving them the morality that Jesus taught.  It is more grown up and nicer that way.

Of course if the Church does not teach the morality of Jesus then the only morality the children will discover is the morality of the secular society.  That seems simple and straight forward answer, but is not acceptable.  We have a more educated society that that which existed at the time of Jesus, we have to treated children as grown up.   What rubbish!

I was discussing this recently with a former Catholic Schoolteacher.   I was remarking how I have met many children who are hurting because they do not have a father or a mother.     I made the point that many  many of them grow up to be single mothers because they have lost the benefits of normal family life.   She told me that she once taught in a Catholic School in a deprived area where there were many single parents and when she went to teach them about a Catholic Family being a father and a mother raising children she was called to the headmistresses office and told in no uncertain terms that she must not speak that way.   Apparently they like the children to believe that their family is a normal family like every one elses, they do not want to offend the children.   I remarked that this was utter nonsense for the children already knew they were being deprived of  a normal family upbringing and indeed many of them wee really hurting inside.     I have had the misfortune of seeing two nieces in my family suffering all through their lives because their fathers had deserted them.    I referred to a fiend of 14 who at 12 had a conversation with a cousin also from a broken home.   The cousin said she believed in God but my friend answered that she did not because "if there was a God our families would not be in such a mess"   At 12 the girl suffered depressions.   But did the Catholic School she attended see the hurt in her"   Probably not, or should I say certainly not.    It is no use telling young people who do not feel loved in their own lives that Jesus loves them.  They see no reason why He should.  

No we must reach out to their hurt and realise that such teaching is destroying their futures.     You may disagree with this, so perhaps you could answer the question.   Why do young people leave the Church in droves?

Of course the whole question can be avoided by saying I am insulting single parents.   And yes, there are many single parents whom I love and admire and in my own family circle,but they cannot make up for the loss of a parent and many of then are wonderful people and are ready to admit this.  

Pray for families.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


THE BATTLE FOR THE LIFE OF A CHILID LIKE THIS IS NOW STARTING IN IRELAND. There will be a vote there in May to decide whether a mother can kill the baby she never wanted or whether she is morally bound to conceive. Now as a man I admit it is easy for me. i do not have to face cup to the consequences of being pregnant with no man or husband supporting me. I will not be a woman facing the prospect of losing a life that I have planned for myself because I was brought up in a world where men want sex and women are expected to provide it. It must be a very painful and heart breaking dilemma. . But I do hope one thing, if I was in trouble I would go to people who would give me support and love and help me out of the situation. You are free to listen and hypo are free to leave. Do not listen to the voices of those who will tell you that you will not regret killing your baby, you will. I know of women who keep the date of their abortion in mind and every year look back ib regret. Especially I know of women who having had an abortion in early life have found themselves alone in later life and regretted the loss of that one person who could have loved them.
But there is another battle that will follow the winning of Abortton rights in Ireland. A persecution will start of those who still believe in the rights of the unborn child. You will be marginalised if y ou are a nurse who does not want to perform abortions. Even in the British Parliament recently it was stated by an MP that Jason Rees-Mogg, a Catholic and contender for the post of Prime Minister could not be countenance in that position since he held views "which were offensive to women". The most recent nurse dismissed was at Southern General Hospital in Glasgow. She held anti-abortion views and refused to take part in an Abortion. She was dismissed. An appeal to the Supreme Coutt in London saw the judge rule in favour of the hospital. What is behind this is the guilt of the Abortionists. They will soon be saying, not during the Referendum mind you, that the baby is not human. This of course is against reason but to say this or accuse them of following the same final solution as the Nazi regime will cause a torrent of hate. They just cannot live with pro-lifer people and must hunt them out. 
Of course the Catholic Church will come under attack since Catholic people apparently cannot work out for themselves that the baby is human. I pray that the Irish people will cherish the child in the womb, beings created by God in His image and likeness, a child with a great future and who can bring only love, will be allowed to live and be loved.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Is the Rosary on the Coast initiative just Triumphalism

When you really appreciate what the Catholic Church is, when you really appreciate the role of God as Father, you know that you are part of a family.    And when you examine the history of the Church and realise the great love and devotion that was shown to Mary from earliest time, the great procession in the 4th century when she was at Ephesus declared the Mother of God we know that this was what the Holy Spirit and Jesus wanted for her.    And the Church had no hesitation in calling her the Mother of the faithful and the Mother of the Church,   You see no family is complete without the Mother, for a Father is seen as the judge and the disciplinarian of the family.   Hence Jesus has a role of judging the living and the dead.   So we can often approach him with guilt for the lives we live.    A mother however is the one who never judges you, who just wants to hug you and keep you safe and that has been the role of our Mother Mary in the Church.   She is there to guide you and bring you back to the family.

What terrible damage was done therefore to our young people when wicked men blasphemed her and drove her out of the hearts of the young.    "O these childish devotions" they cried.   And when Mary was gone the soft centre of the Catholic Faith went missing.   We did not just lose our young people, we destroyed them.   As we travel from parish to parish there is one observable fact.   That where devotion to Mary has returned there is a growing number of young men devoted to Mary and entering the seminaries.    I remember some years ago marvelling at the fact that in Belgium there were nine diocese and one seminary.  And of the 35 young men in that seminary 17 came for the Diocese of Namur where many young people were practicing the Faith.   It is sad that the Bishop of that Diocese Bishop Leonard when he was made a Cardinal was treated with abuse by the students of the University of Louvaine, and indeed his faithfulness to the teachings of Jesus  caused him to be persecuted by prostitutes and gays.

On this topic girls especially need Mary as their model for so many of them as a result of the changes in the 70's are brought up in single parent homes without a father to make a fuss and call them his princess.   A part of them remains unloved but who in the Church is following the teachings of Jesus and taking their unhappy lives seriously.  

The only chance our young people have is a return of their Mother Mary.   That would take an honest appraisal of the last 50 years.   But we also have two opportunities coming up in the future.
The firs is an initiative called the Rosary on the Coast.   Many Catholics are now facing persecution in their work places but the Church has become a weak and feeble institution which no one pays the slightest attention to.   We must ask Mary our Mother to move priests and bishops and laity to listen to Mary.    When did you last hear a sermon on the position of the Church on Abortion.    The excuse is that we may upset someone.   Yes, but when I some time ago was allowed, a rare thing, to do something and gather money for SPUC, I always apologised first to anyone whose I would hurt and pointed out that they were as much victims as their babies.    Jesus in his teaching never held back.  Good humble sermons are always appreciated even on that subject.    I was once told I was always telling people what to do, yes I suppose they are right, and I have no apologies - I follow Christ.

The Rosary on the Coast is therefore an opportunity to turn again to Mary in the Rosary.    It has nothing to do with ecumenism, Protestant ecumenists who are sincere will respect Catholics living up to their faith, they will not object.  What they do object to is Catholics sasing one thing when they know they believe somethng else.  Ecumenism must be based on respect for the right of someone to believe what he or she believes  We are not telling Protestants "Hey look at us we are better than you"   We are gathering there for Catholics and the Catholic Church to ask Mary's protection.