Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Does God have a human side?     The reason I ask is that when they pray to God most people see Him as someone who just sits on a throne enjoying songs of praise and granting requests as He sees fit.   We love Him, well that is what we are expected to do. and  look upon Him as the great benefactor in our lives.

We then learn that God became Man in Jesus Christ.   Now that perhaps answers the question, for in Jesus the Divine became Human.   Now that helps us to understand something for as men we are loving, feeling, compassionate and moved to help others.   But did God not have these virtues until He became man?    And for that matter can God like man experience sorrow and hurt?   When we read the Old Testament we see a God of anger although we often read of the God of Love.   The God of Anger we try to explain away for we want a God who in a modern phrase 'accepts us as we are'. and does not care if we sin, after all we are in another modern phrase "only human.  

Let us then look at Fatima and St Francisco in particular.   When Our Lady said "We must stop offending God who is already too much offended, Francisco spent the rest of is life consoling the God who was hurting.   He would pray and spend hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament consoling the God whom men were offending.   He knew that to stop offending God meant to stop men and women sinning against Him.   He made the sacrifices asked for by Our Lady and what we can learn from him is that if we do not value those little sacrifices and acts of love we do not really care about God and how much we hurt Him.  "Behold the heart that has loved so much and is loved so little in return" Jesus told St Margaret Mary Alcoque as he showed her his heart surrounded by the thorns of our sins.,  His mother Mary too suffers everything Jesus suffers but her Immaculate Heart is rejected also.   The hearts of Jesus and Mary are not just meaningless trivia or devotions, they demonstrate that the seat of love which is the heart burns with love for us, everyone of us, and yet we take such little notice.

Too often in many lives God is asked to prove Himself, yet how little we prove ourselves to Him.   We do not thank God enough for our gifts and we blame  Him when things go wrong rather than blaming ourselves.   The next time you visit Church let us not start with our litany of requests, why not just ask "How are you Lord" and listen to His complaints.

Sunday, 15 October 2017


It is widely accepted that at the Presentation in the Temple the Prophet Simeon was inspired by the Holy Spirit to hear in the cry of a child the presence of the Messiah.     But there may well be a more down to earth explanation.    We know that Mary lived as a girl in the Temple for at least ten years and she and Simeon would probably have known one another.

Simeon and Mary had something in common.  They both through their reading of scripture knew that the time for the birth of the Messiah had arrived.   Mary wanted to help the chosen Jewish girl in the birth and the raising of the Saviour and Simeon had just wanted  to see him before he died.     So when Mary left the Temple as all young girls did when they reached womanhood she would have said goodby to Simeon and discussed their hope in their wishes being fulfilled.

Imagine the astonishment of Simeon then when he saw Mary in the Temple and she had related her story to him of the Angel Gabriel and the birth of Jesus.   What a wonderful gift Mary had brought to him, and yet he too knowing scripture told his young friend of the sword of sorrow which awaited her.  

Mother of Sorrows pray for us.

Friday, 13 October 2017


One hundred years ago today there was the great miracle of the sun in Fatima.   Three children had been claiming they were seeing Our Lady and she had given them secrets and asking them to pray for the conversion of sinners and to make sacrifices and recite prayers given to them by an Angel and OurLady.     The secrets had not been revealed and the people knew very little about how the children had responded to Our Lady for this was revealed later by Lucia whom our Lady had told would not go to heaven at the time of deaths of Jacinta and Francisco but was required to live on so that she could tell the whole story of the Apparitions and reveal the secrets when the time was appropriate.   You can find the revelation of the secrets in the book 'Fatima in Lucy's Own Words'

The main point though is the 70,000 crowd who witnessed the miracle did not know about the warning that sinners were going to Hell, and the vision of Hell given to the children.   They did not know of the promise that the war would end but a greater war would come about.   They did not know of the destruction of the Church shown in the Third Secret.    They were just given a sign that the apparitions were true and  that they could trust the children.   Had these been revealed then perhaps the history of Fatima at that time would have been one of dissent and controversy and perhaps the fear of Hell would have prevailed over the message of hope.   Perhaps that is what is happening today among many.    Fatima is about Hell to many, for Hell is now part of the narrative of that day one hundred years ago.   And we know now of the heroic sacrifices made by the three children which not even their families were aware of at the time.   But can we commit ourselves to such sacrifices today in our secular world where 'becoming as little children' is opposed by an appeal to 'mature adulthood'?
"Many souls go to Hell because they have no one to pray for them"  Our Lady told the children. and little Jacinta, and eight year old, horrified by he thought of people going to Hell died alone with blood on her bed and under her eyes, which she had shed because of her great pain and suffering for souls.  Her body was given the gift of incorruptibility.    The Catholic Church is a missionary Church established by Jesus Christ for the salvation of souls.  Is this where the difficulty lies?

Of one thing I am certain from my Fatima experience.   The Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph and this world of hate,murder, and deception will come to an end.  So I make sacrifices for my children.   I would not change my children for the world but I am sure going to try to change the world for my children.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


In Luke we come across the story of how Mary and Joseph having went with Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem for the Passover with friends and relations started the journey home and thought Jesus was with them.   After a day's journey they found he had been left behind and went back to Jerusalem to search for him and it took three days before they found him in the Temple sitting with the adults and discussing scripture and all were amazed at his knowledge for he was only 12 years old.    "Why did you do this to us"  Mary rebuked him "we have been searching for three days"   "Why did you search for me" he replied "Did you not know I would be in my Father's House"

Something very special had happened.   Since she had given birth to Jesus, Mary was dealing with just another child like every other child.   He would play with them, laugh with them, help Joseph in the workshop, just another good little boy being loved and loving his parents.    After 12 years perhaps Mary had forgotten who he was, and we do not know how the nature of God interacted with the nature of Man in this one person, but now he had brought Mary back to reality by telling her that he now knew who he was.   God was His Father.   And he with his understanding of scripture knew of his future.    John the Evangelist now tells us that he went down with them until they came to Nazareth and then he was obedient to them.  John wrote this because he knew the significance of the now God child obeying human parents.   And Mary 'pondered these things in her heart' for she knew the baby and boy had gone and her relationship with Jesus had entered a new phase, she would now have to love him as God and prepare him for his mission and death, and the suffering she would face.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Details of Fatima Evening at St Joseph

Meeting starts with Rosary and Devotions at 7pm including readings

DV|D called Finding Fatima will be played at 7.45pm

Any Questions on the DVD or Our Lady before leaving.

St Joseph's Church, St Michael's Road, Basingstoke.

Sunday, 8 October 2017


Since there are those who would deny others the story of Fatima because it mentions Hell which they no longer believe in, I will put forward the teaching of Jesus on the subject and then go to what was the first secret that the children were told not to reveal at that  time in Fatima.

The story of Jesus tells us quite clearly that however discomforting it is, however we would 'rationally' challenge his words, Jesus told us in no uncertain terms that there was a Hell and that people would go there.    We have for example the story of the Last Judgement in Matthew 25.  "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the Devil and His Angels".   There is also the story of the rich young man who asked Jesus what to do to earn 'eternal life'.   Jesus told him to obey the Commandments.     But let us turn to Fatima.

Having assured the children that they were all going to Heaven Our Lady gave them a vision of Hell. The vision Lucy told us was only for an instant.  But it was horrific.   "You have seen Hell where the souls of poor sinners go.  To save them God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.  If what I say to you is done many souls will be saved and there will be peace.  The war is going to end but if people do not cease offending God a worse one will break out during the pontificate of Pius XI.   When you see a night illumined by an unknowns light know that this is the great sign given to you by God that He is about to punish the world for our crimes by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father".

I am forbidden to go into the events that saw the Mother of God being pushed to the fringes of the Catholic Faith, for Our Mother is never drawn into a situation where she judges between her children.   Justice belongs to Jesus who will be our judge, but Mary only deals in Mercy.    The greatest sinner if he turns to her will always find compassion and a willingness to speak to Jesus on his or her behalf.   This compassion has been acclaimed through the centuries and I as a poor sinner have experienced it.  

In the above quotation from Our Lady of Fatima she tells us that IT  IS  GOD  who wishes devotion to be established towards her Immaculate Heart.  She is not seeking honour on her own account.   The  question of devotion to Mary then changes from why should we show devotion to why does God want us to show devotion?   And what is this about her Immaculate Heart?.   In my previous posts I have at her inspiration, for I am a poor scribe, related how she was the bridge between the Father and the Son.   Jesus could not be born to a sinful woman since he had to live his life in holiness and only a   mother free from sin could really love him as he deserved to be loved and only a woman close to God  could have prepared him for Calvary and supported and suffered with him in his work of Redemption.   Mary was the one who made the plan possible.    Little wonder then that God holds her  up as a model for the rest of us.   And especially she is a model for loving Jesus.   Nobody could love Him as much as she did, but in loving her son she felt all his pain, agony, and disappointments.  This continued in Heaven for when Jesus is hurt by our sins, she is hurt.    That is why the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the source of her love, is surrounded by thorns which are our sins.    

So why Fatima?   Just look at the world around you and ask yourself "After two thousand years of Christianity is this how the world should be?   Was it worthwhile for Jesus to die on the Cross?   And if we are really brave and look at the Church are we comfortable enough to say - yes, this is what Jesus wanted?.     Vatican II, yes Vatican II, gave Our Lady the title 'Mother of the Church".   Do we see ourselves as her children and she as our Mother?   Yet Mary still comes to us, plead with, and tries to save us from our sins.     Yet we almost pride ourselves in not listening.

Those who doubt the message of Fatima will have to tell God why when He worked a great miracle and made the Sun dance in the sky in the presence of 70,000 people, when such a miracle was forecast and people came to scoff yet stood in wonder, why did  they refused to listen to or check the story.  did three small shepherd children work this great hallucination?   To turn your back on Fatima, is to turn your back on God Himself.          


Saturday, 7 October 2017

OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY AND FATIMA - Feast day is today 7th October.

Today is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.    It had its origins in the Battle of Lepanto when a Moslem fleet sailed to conquer Europe in the 16th century.    The fleet was opposed by another fleet organised by the Holy League, a group of countries fighting against the Islamic attempt to conquer Europe.  

The Pope organised a Rosary Crusade throughout the Church and as the Christian fleet sailed towards the enemy every sailor and soldier went down on their knees to pray.    The result was a great victory and the continent was yet again saved.    Great thanks and praise was given by the people to Our Lady of the Rosary.     In the 18th century the Islamists were at the gates of Vienna  and the city was about to fall.  Again their was the rosary and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.   The city was saved by the arrival of a Polish army who destroyed the enemy and freed Vienna.

But where does Fatima come into this?   I find it strange that Our Lady told the children that she would tell them who she was at the last of the visions.   On that day she announced she was Our Lady of the Rosary.   I believe there is a connection here with the rise of Islamic terror and an almost invasion of Europe by Moslems over 70% being economic migrants    This has caused tensions and violence in many parts of Europe.   It must be said that most Moslems are peace loving people and not wish to live in a war zone, but then most German people under the Nazis did not hate the Jews , but the fact is that they bring with them a sizeable minority of extremists, estimated at 15 - 20%, about 200 million extremists worldwide.  The attitude to white European women, infidels  of many of the men is appalling and although it brings unease to ordinary people, the attitude among politicians committed to what is called 'multiculturalism' is summed up by a member of the Labour Shadow Cabinet who told some young girls who were complaining of their exploitation by Pakistani men  the they should "shut up for the sake of diversity" and those were her exact words.   Another Cabinet member was sacked because she referred to the exploitation being carried out by Pakistani men.   So on multiculturalism and diversity the ordinary people are just ignored, or worse they are accused of racism for trying to protect the culture of their country.

But there is one country in  Europe which although a member of the European Union is resisting the demands of that body to take a 'fair quota' of immigrants the majority of whom will be Moslems.   It is also resisting the threats against it by the EU if it does not introduce Gay Pride Marches and Abortions.   That country is Poland.   It is a Catholic country and wants to remain a Catholic country.   It is looking at a Europe where people live their every day lives wondering what atrocity will happen next.   It does not want high security alerts within its borders, it wants its people to live in peace.   It is supported by the Czech Republic and Hungary.   In Poland they have started a Rosary Crusade to keep their children and their country safe.   They are praying to Our Lady of the Rosary as they did in the past, and I believe that at Fatima Our Mother Mary promised to help them.

But not just them.   Christians are being slaughtered and dying for their Faith in the Middle East.   Never since Roman times have there been so many Christians Martyrs  as Moslem terrorists commit atrocity after atrocity.    Our Lady has not forgotten that title of Our Lady of the Rosary given to her so many years ago, and she wants us to join her in praying for victory and peace.

Why not join the Rosary Crusade for Poland and perhaps a Rosary Crusade for Europe.